Management CPC

Management CPC-National/International

Management CPC - National / International Road Haulage / Passenger Transport

If you are looking to become a transport manager, it could be that you first need to show that you are 'professionally competent' by completing your Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers. At Apex Training Services in Peterborough, our training course will prepare you for your multiple choice and study exam.
Introduction & Regulations

Applicants for a Goods or Passenger Carrying Vehicle Operator's Licence must show that they are 'professionally competent' or that they employ a Transport Manager who meets the requirements.

Persons will be considered 'professionally competent' by passing the examination for the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) conducted by OCR Examinations on behalf of the Department of Transport.

Course Details

Apex hold a block course of study in order to prepare candidates for their required exams. Every candidate must pass a multiple choice and case study exam in either Road Haulage or Passenger Transport. The course is 9 days in length, two of the days are designated self-study.

Exam results will be issued to Apex around 6-8 weeks following the exam date.

Home Study

If you are unable to attend the course, you can choose to purchase a Home Study pack. This pack contains the complete syllabus and all you need to know in order to pass your Management CPC exams. There are question and answer sections to support all modules.
If you would like to book yourself in for our Management CPC training course, get in touch with Apex Training Services in Peterborough today by calling:
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